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If one shines, we all shine

by Leila Jara on Dec 31, 2020

Si brilla una, brillamos todas

If one shines, we all shine

It's been a very different year, filled with overwhelming challenges and confusion mixed with hope. We understand that the last month of the year represents a new beginning added to the opportunity to strongly desire everything you want to translate into realities; It is a month full of joy, warmth and love radiated in the aura of all those who believe in the magic of Christmas.

At Kaunis, we believe that with a little hope and determination, magic becomes reality.

From the magical Christmas feeling and that feeling that floods us every year end, is that the campaign “If one shines, we all shine” is born

Kaunis Handmade Jewelry through you, in collaboration with the association Eleonora Mendoza A.C decides to give a little shine back to women who find themselves in a difficult situation and that as a result of the pandemic we are currently facing, it has become much more complicated.

During the month of December, 15% of the total sales in the store were donated, to remind them that we can make each other shine. As women, we understand how complicated it can be to live this situation alone, that is why we recognize the wonderful work of the foundation and decided to join.

Being a time to give, as well as to receive; We didn't want to let the importance of returning that shine that we like so much to those who perhaps turned it down a bit go unnoticed.

We created a collection that feels like this month makes us feel: magical, unique and full of elegance, with precise meanings and a very unique Christmas spirit that, apart from that, combines perfectly with any seasonal outfit!

At the same time we took on the task of counting and planning all the logistics to be able to deliver at the end of December a very special surprise of which you have been a part, reason, reason, and team for us.

We greatly appreciate being the reason for our motto: if one shines, we all shine.

This was December in Kaunis: