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Miyuki, the art of details

by Leila Jara on Aug 06, 2020

Miyuki, el arte de los detalles

Based on their name in Japanese which meansbeautiful fortune or “beautiful happiness Miyuki are pieces of crystal from colors, used to make jewelry with unique finishes.

Its origin dates back to the country of Japan in the Hiroshima province where they created both the technique and the pieces during the 30s.

However, 10 years later, due to the Second World War, this sector of Japan was quite affected, causing a period of reconstruction after it and causing the pioneer artisans of the creation of Miyuki to make an association to elaborate the pieces that he would later name in this way.

Already in the 50s they defined the techniques and began to export them both to Europe and the United States where they had a great boom during that time.

During the 70s the first pre-made patterns were created, which caused a great sensation in Japan and was replicated in the world.

Over the next few years weaving techniques were perfected in order to create unique color combinations with the pieces and for them to have a perfect visual harmony.

      They are said to be “jewelry pixels” due to their shape, uniformity and symmetry.

In Kaunis this technique is used in an artisan way, making the collections by Mexican women who are experts in converting figures into patterns and finally creating unique pieces inspired by different elements that represent Kaunis as a brand.

The particularity of the technique allows us to create designs with incredible details, which give extraordinary touches to the style. The colors, the brightness and the parity found between each element of the piece allow Kaunis to represent fragments of its core in each set.


Currently there are several different techniques, figures, uses and pieces to make finishes with Miyuki, but it is in the finishes where its perfection is defined, since making pieces with combinations of colors and shapes is not a job easy; it requires patience, practice and of course love of art.

Kaunis seeks to perfect the art made by our professionals, generating unique collections, combining them with the modernity and diversity of those who represent the brand, while paying devotion to the years of transcendence of Miyuki as an ancient art but giving it a current value, fresh and fun in the jewelry range.

The Miyuki gives us the opportunity to share our style, but above all it allows us to represent strong, outgoing, changeable and colorful women through the collections we make.

We know that the story behind it is always important so as not to lose the real reason why this beautiful artistic technique began, but we intend to continue reinventing it with our personal touches giving it sparks of life from time to time.