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Magic hands

by Leila Jara on Jun 08, 2022

Manos Mágicas
It is well known that Mexican hands, and particularly women's, have incredible skills when it comes to C R E A R.

Since the idea of ​​making a line of jewelry with designs inspired by landscapes, colors and sensations of our country, we also contemplate that those who would transform the models into reality would have to be extremely talented hands of Mexican artisans.

After 3 years of having started with the production workshop, we want to tell you a little more about what happens behind the scenes in our production and design process:

During the creative development, we had an incredible time! ! we try to be in a place where ideas flow in the open air and with our basic fuel (a good coffee) we start brainstorming.

Leila is in charge of being up to date day with miyuki's fabric, design and production trends, as well as looking for the best combinations of colors in each model.

Dani, on the other hand, is in charge of putting magic to each name looking for a meaning special and according to its colors or season.

Once we have colors, design ideas and several names to create a collection, we meet with the artisans of the workshop to transmit each one of the details and sensations that we had when creating the concept.

And now yes... we start creating!
One by one of our pieces is completely developed by hand, so the artisans create fabric patterns for each season or collection that we take out in order to work faster, once the patterns are main ones took shape, so yes threads to work!

We have two types of method: on the one hand, there is the "on demand" collection, which is all the sets that are out of stock but that you still want, so they are ordered to be made personally for each a.

on the other hand, we have the "seasonal" collections which are normally limited (except for the best selling sets in the collection) because we know that favorites are timeless!
We renew collections approximately every 4 months and we usually have 2 main collections (spring - summer & autumn - winter)

First, all the sets that we have for orders and at the request of the fixed collections are sent ( the classic Kaunis sets) and then the first proofs of the new sets are sent: we take care of verifying patterns, finishes and color tones and after having that verified saz! Vane, our star photographer , takes photos of us for the catalog, so when all the products arrive together you will have them updated in the store in a few days. How do you see that agility, huh? so we are updating the stock as fast as we can. We greatly treasure the manual work of each one of them and we know that without them Kaunis would not be possible, so we try that the care with which they make each set is also reflected in the quality of the products, the communication, our attention to the client and even our photos and content on social networks.

"The craftsman has the universe in his mind and magic in his hands"