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Winter Jewelry and Accessories

by Leila Jara in Oct 12, 2022

Joyeria y Accesorios para Invierno

We know that winter weather brings with it many covered and layered outfits, but that doesn't mean we can't bring out our accessories...

That is why in this blog we are going to leave you with 4 tips to combine your bracelets and accessories with your winter outfits.

TIP #1

Accessories that add, not subtract.

In these seasons, in which we wear many layers and different textures or volumes in the garments, try to complement your outfits with accessories THAT ADD, that is, try to use colors of a single tone, balance your bracelets on two arms and add accessories on the hands like rings.


Dare to new trends!

Accessories are always a complement to add color and texture to outfits, but why not dare more? With this new trend of using accessories outside the sweater, make them protagonists! and combine them with your winter basics to give them a twist of brightness and color...

Without fear of success, you will see that many copy the trend!

TIP #3

Layers, textures and brightness

It's the perfect season to experiment!

Combine your bright clothes, with oversized coats and various accessories, winter allows you to play!

Stylize the textures, using the same color tones and you will see that your outfits are perfect!

TIP #4

Always Shiny

We know that events don't end in winter! so it's time to use all the formal dresses, jackets and heels that we have in the closet.

To complement them and give them a different twist than last year, we recommend combining them with accessories that add a lot of shine and volume. You'll see they take on a super different vibe!

This winter, dare to wear new trends, put a different spin on garments from past seasons and never lose your shine!