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The perfect match for your summer nails

by Leila Jara in Jul 09, 2021

El match perfecto para tus summer nails

We've all had a bad day at some point, getting dressed up with new nails or not? It's a nice feeling to have your little hands manicured, with lots of little bracelets and sometimes we even add the sets and the watch! This summer looks very colorful, we love all the new nail and jewelry styles, we couldn't resist combining them to leave you a guide to the top trends this 2021:

ready to take a look at the perfect match of your summer nails?

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  • As cute as cake

She is suuuper in bringing the nails painted in pastel colors: orange, pink, nude tones, salmon and even yellow!

We love these tones and there are several sets in the store with this new trend of pastels everywhere. The orange color in particular is a #MUST this summer and Nayla is perfect for it: it is a set that highlights the tan and the Caribbean color, which will go perfectly with your #summernails.

  • Oh, what a color!

Summers cannot NOT carry a lot of color, this one in particular, apart from a lot of tie dye and “phospho-phospho” prints, we find a thousand combinations with lines and polka dots that go perfectly with several of the new sets such as Luciana or Odele, both prints and tones combine per-fectly, here are some photos of how to combine them with your Kaunis sets:

  • Animal Print

Didn't you expect it? Wait till you see the combinations!

It is known that a trend that is here to stay in 2021 is the animal print and unlike previous seasons this summer, the color and the prints are not at odds, on the contrary, it is super in combining them! If you are a fan of taking a little more risk in terms of fashion, here are some ideas for your summer nails with daring prints and OBVIOUSLY the set that best suits this trend is indigo, it has everything in one: animal print, brightness and lots of color.

  • Classics with a twist

The classics, as we already know, never go out of style. Peeeeeero, it is not too much to give them a twist from time to time that highlights them, this trend is a clear example: basic colors, transparencies and very pretty figures that make you catch your eye.

The cute little nails go perfectly with our classics, but we will also leave you with some suggestions of the new sets that can give a good twist to the style!

  • Naturally, but make em´fashion!

What do you think of long nails? We love them, especially in this new style that has been in fashion for a while now.

They are called “stiletto nails” and they are more pointed at the front, they make the hands look longer and more stylized. This summer's trend is to apply very natural colors but without leaving the figure on the nail very defined.

And so we finish this guide for you to find your perfect nail match this summer!