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by Leila Jara on Sep 07, 2022


Many businesses today have chosen to have "artisanal" productions, but what really is artisanal production? in this article we will try to express it through our method of work.

First of all we will start by calling "handmade" all that work created from scratch from the hands and not pre - manufactured or manufactured by means of a massive production machine. We believe that artisan work, having direct contact with the hands of a person, has a special and unique vibe. Being produced piece by piece, artisan products have a longer production time, however there is more control when analyzing the pieces, since it is a process that is carried out meticulously by the artisans.

Well, now let's talk about all those products that claim to be "handmade" without being so.

It is clear that the patterns, materials and colors are not exclusive to a single store or brand, however the way in which they are produced and elaborated is what makes an abysmal difference when speaking or not of a product that is lists as "handmade"

The time, care and artistic development that is put into each collection and piece is sometimes diminished by mass productions that have much lower prices since they make the design and development process too simple (through machines and technology) that is put into each handcrafted piece made by entrepreneurs who are committed to giving credit to the manual work of artisans.

Nowadays, although unfortunately jewelry prices can never be sufficiently competitive compared to those of a company with a multilevel development and manufacturing, at Kaunis we want to bet on two essential values ​​of our brand: quality in each piece of jewelry and the magical hands that create them. It is important to recognize the artistic wealth that abounds in our country and employ talents who have the vision to create unique designs to transform them into jewelry, that is why each set you find in the store has a special name and meaning, since from its creation was made with love and special care.

And you, what value do you give to consuming crafts?

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