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How to combine jewelry, style and color?

by Leila Jara in Feb 21, 2021

¿Cómo combinar joyería, estilo y color?

There are many sayings out there that say that your personality is reflected in your clothes and there is some truth to them, the colors we use every day can say much more than you imagine… ready to find out? read on:

Seasons can change, and with them fashion, colors, garments and trends. However, there is always one constant: your own style and the way you shine.

Do you know why we love combining our miyuki patterns with unique designs and vibrant colors? we tell you here!

With this we are sure that you will answer this question:

  • Intense colors:
  • Powerful colors symbolize vitality; blue, for example, is linked to good energy and protection, green symbolizes nature and hope as a whole; Colors like purple symbolize mystery and wisdom.

    Breena, is a clear example of a set that embodies vitality, mystery and good energy: all in one! there is no doubt why it is the favorite of the favorites...

  • Opaque colors:
  • Colors such as black, gray and silver reflect in the accessories the power of inner strength and convey serenity.

    Nyx is the Kaunis collection that reflects class and inner strength in all its sets, it has colors that pay homage to the starry sky and full moon nights .

  • Earth colors:
  • These tones in miyuki pieces have the peculiarity of attracting protection and good health. They are colors that reflect purity, transmitting tenacity and confidence.

    There is no better example of these colors than Berenice, a set that has color gradients to match a golden sunset, and works well with any strong color. Do you already know him?

    The set of colors and designs in Kaunis is one of the pillars of our brand, as well as the meaning of each of the bracelets, since we believe that each one carries its own personality, which will come out shine with the brilliance of each one of you.

    What colors reflect your personality in Kaunis? Go to the store and find out!