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Arm candy, the + trendy in accessories!

by Leila Jara in Jan 07, 2022

Arm candy, lo + trendy en accesorios!

There is a trend that has stolen our attention since its inception in the last months of 2020 and it is nothing more than the trend "arm candy"

Have you heard this term?

This is the new fashion of including different sizes, colors and styles of bracelets on the arms, combining them in a fun way with your outfits giving them a touch of freshness and fun.

Different actresses and influencers have adopted this new trend as part of her style, one of our favorites is Connie Dávalos, who combines textures and sizes on both of her arms, giving her the perfect twist to her looks.

Do you want to know how to combine the perfect arm candy?

We leave you 3 tips that never fail:

  • The colors

This trend does not judge textures or colors, however it will depend on your outfit to know what colors to combine, for example: if you have a more "plain" outfit you can choose to experiment with different colors and sizes in the arms and on the other hand if your outfit is a little more daring, you can opt for neutral colors and different textures to highlight the outfit.

  • How many bracelets is too many?

Depends a lot on the sizes! We recommend at least 3 bracelets, but you can add more as long as they are balanced in shape and size. Remember: you can always add more on both hands!

  • The essential tip

Comfort is the main thing in style, that's why we recommend using bracelets that don't get in the way, weigh you down or bother you. Look for some that are made of resistant materials and that, apart from looking good, flow with you at all times.

We leave you here some options to build your perfect "Arm Candy":

for your colorful outfits!

match your straps with shades

gold and silver to create perfect looks!

Fun textures and neutral colors, we love!