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Fashion Accessories You'll Want to Wear All Fall

by Leila Jara in Aug 16, 2022

Accesorios de Moda que  Vas a Querer Usar Todo el Otoño

We are about to change the season and new trends are appearing at the door.

We know that jewelry is a "timeless" accessory (unless you buy cheaper pieces) because we gather and hoard our "personal collections" over time... However, as the seasons there are colors, ways to combine and types of accessories that stand out more and go very well with the fashion styles of the moment; so we decided to leave you here a little re-search of what will be the most used accessories this Fall 2022, so you don't miss any news!

  • 90's style earrings
  • To get all the earrings from the 90's that were left in the jewelry box!

    This fall season comes to sweep with combinations of colors and peculiar styles, so large earrings are back to be protagonists pops of color in all your outfits.

  • Metallic and neutral jewelry
  • This style has already been several months in the making, in fact, we've seen it in outfits, Instagram feeds, even cars and tech gadgets! One of the lovers of this trend and who made it even more fashionable with her “Skims” brand is Kim Kardashian, who bets on garments and accessories that go hand in hand with subtlety and elegance.

    So, the accessories this season with shades of the basic color palette, will be one of the most used things in any outfit… Wait for it.

  • Thick rings
  • Basic accessories and the best allies of simple outfits.

    This season thick, metallic or rock rings are top among the accessories most used by fashion icons and influencers from different parts of the world... Stay tuned to the news with this trend that is rising like foam! !

  • Sets and Matchings
  • This summer we saw many fashion garments coming out as combinable "sets", for example: bikinis + matching swimwear, blazer + pants of the same color and even exercise clothes with complementary accessories.

    This fall, this trend will continue to leave its mark, so when it comes to accessories, it will also mark a very particular style, this fall, dare to combine!

  • Wide bracelets
  • We also attribute this style a bit to him “90's come back” and we love it!

    Wide bracelets, with striking colors, will be very present throughout the season, to combine them both with simple garments as the only accessory or to highlight formal and daring outfits, what do you think?